Photochromic lenses, lenses that change, transition lenses, day2nite lenses, lenses that go from dark to light
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    Freedom 4311 - Grey Photochromatic/Black Frame

    These lenses are dark outdoors in the daylight and lighten automatically to almost clear when worn indoors or at night

    Comfort and function are key with our special padded glasses. Styled as a sunglass, padded glasses offer protection from wind and dust much like a goggle. Soft and durable foam line the inner portion of the sunglass frame. As an added feature these padded frames float, also making them excellent for use on watercraft.

    - Includes detachable strap for versatility and convenience
    - Lightweight
    - Anti-Fog
    - 100% UV protection
    - 100% Shatterproof polycarbonate lens

    Note: All photochromic lenses will not darken behind a faceshield or windshield and will not fully darken in very warm weather conditions.