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    Airfoil 9319 - Polarized Smoke Lens

    The Airfoil 9300 series is a tour de force in wear-over motorcycle goggles, designed with form, function and fashion in mind. This market-dominating style comfortably accommodates most eyeglasses without pressure or pinching and without the unfortunate "bug-eyed" look and feel of larger accommodating options. Wide-paneled one piece polarized lens provides a greater field of vision, and substantial ventilation hits back against irritating fog for optimum clarity. The bottom line: if you're looking for bulky, frustrating wear-over eyewear - look elsewhere!

    (Smoke-mirrored 9300, Clear 9305, Yellow 9312 and Amber-polarized 9329 lenses also available.)

    Polarized lens eyewear offer better function and versatility than conventional sunglasses. Polarized lenses dramatically reduce reflective glare off of water, highways and other reflective surfaces. Eye fatigue associated with prolonged exposure to the sun's glare is effectively diminished.

    - Case and cleaning cloth also included